Hey! I'm Callie.

I am a conservation photographer/filmmaker and the founder of Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, a nonprofit empowering youth to conserve threatened species and habitats around the world. Since 2019, my work has been primarily based in the Ecuadorian Tropical Andes, Earth’s most unique biodiversity hotspot, where my organization is working with our local partners to prevent gold mining from taking hold in the fragile Dracula Reserve ecological corridor. I am dedicated to documenting biodiversity to advance conservation efforts and making the world of wildlife conservation more accessible to marginalized groups—especially youth. I started Reserva after 7 wonderful years at National Geographic Kids, and you can still find me just down the road in Washington, DC about 2/3 of the year.

I enjoy working in teams, supporting other conservation organizations, and continuing to teach and learn. Recent highlights include: 2023 Summit Workshops Documentary Filmmaking Junior Instructor, 2022 Jackson Wild Media Lab Fellow, Member National and EC50 Awardee of The Explorers Club, Rainforest Trust Council, Cool Earth Advisory Board, Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants Board of Directors, Whitley Fund for Nature NextGen Committee, and Bull Run Mountains Conservancy Board of Directors.

Watch: While I'm more often behind the camera, my personal story and our latest work are featured in a new documentary series called Wild Hope, now free to watch on PBS Nature's YouTube! (Our story comes in at about 14 minutes, but I recommend watching the whole thing to get to know our incredible partners!)

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